Transnational Dialogue Groups (TDG)

Transnational Dialogue Groups (TDG) are organized regularly for creating an interface between SETA findings and its environment. Stakeholders and practitioners of different levels are brought together in 3 types of circles:


TDG Regions

It is the regions, who are mostly concerned by the positive and negative impacts of transport. Therefore it is the regional level, which is asked to bring in its specific requirements for the development of the SETA corridor.

In cooperation with the project partners, planning and infrastructure development experts from the regions, cities and countries along the SETA corridor will develop a common vision for efficient and environmental friendly transport between Central Europe and the Adriatic Sea respectively the Western Balkans. In regular meetings these experts will evaluate the project outputs against the background of the specific challenges in their regions. Developing a common view on the SETA corridor – manifested in a joint SETA Corridor Development Plan – will be the main goal of this dialogue group.


TDG Economy

Members of this network represent the whole transport supply chain. These are:

  • ports
  • transport operators (transport services, port hinterland connections, etc) and
  • dry port operators, intermodal logistic centre operators,
  • carriers, forwarders, important players from the industrial sector.

Economic stakeholders in the transport sector will be invited to bring in their expertise in this dialogue group. In exchange, the project will provide them with more detailed information on:

  • future trends of transport demand in the region,
  • concrete infrastructure development measures resulting in extended capacities (with clear timeframe for realization),
  • detailed information about the development plans of the ports involved (infrastructure, new shipping services, new destinations, etc.).

Their integration into the project is crucial when it comes to the realization of concrete measure along the SETA corridor.


TDG Politics

The results of the SETA project will provide an important input in the political decision making process. Political support is essential when starting to transfer results from the project level to the local / regional / national / European level.

This dialogue group aims at providing a platform for politicians willing to bring forward the development of their regions through an efficient and environmental friendly transport system along the SETA corridor.